Presbyterian, Methodist, Church of Christ

Greymouth Uniting Church

Our Mission

To know, love and serve God.

Our Vision

To present Christ in a contemporary, creative, credible way to all people.

We will act honestly and in good faith at all times.

Our History

In 1970 the Churches of Christ, Methodist, and Presbyterian Churches agreed to form the Greymouth District Uniting Parish.


St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Tainui Street.

At the beginning of 1866 the Rev C Frazer was appointed by the Presbytery of Canterbury to visit Greymouth. Later visits were made by the Rev John Hall and Rev William McHutchinson. In November 1869 the Rev John Gow of Hokitika held a meeting of Presbyterians in Greymouth and as a result of this a call was made to the Rev J Mctosh of Lyttelton. He arrived at Greymouth on March 20th 1870 and for some months services were conducted in the Volunteer Unit Hall. The first church was opened in Hospital Street which is now Guinness Street on December 1870. The last service was held at Hospital Street on December 7th 1911.

December 14th 1912 saw the opening of the new St John’s Presbyterian Church Tainui Street by Rev J.H. McKenzie. The Hall was opened June 6th 1929. The Church was dismantled in 1996 and this site is now used by the Challenge service station.


St. Paul’s Methodist Church, Whall Street.

The first Methodist service at Greymouth was held on September 17th 1865, the Rev Mr Harper having walked through from Hokitika, along the beach and this example was followed by his successor, the Rev W Cannell, who worked at Greymouth for two months before taking up his appointment on February 1st 1866. In the absence of a church, a concert saloon attached to the Victoria Hotel was used for the service.

The first resident Methodist Minister at Greymouth was the Rev J.T. Shaw, who was appointed in 1867, and the first church was completed in January 1868.

After the Church was demolished in 1969 the hall was used for services then for many years following as the Uniting Church opportunity shop. This site is now used by McDonalds.

Church of Christ

Church of Christ, Brunner Street.

In 1871 Hokitika Church received a letter from Benjamin Dixon asking for assistance in commencing a church in Greymouth. Messrs R. Wright and J.M. Miller were appointed to walk the 25 miles to Greymouth and because there was no connecting road, they traveled along the rugged coastline fording several rivers before their destination.

Mr and Mrs Dixon and their two daughters and one son were the mainstay of the church. With his own hands Mr Ben Dixon cleared an area of public land directly in front of his home, which was developed into a public garden known today as Dixon house. In 1925 a small building was erected on the section of land adjacent to the Dixon family home. This was constructed by Ben and a passing railway engine driver named Bob Carruthers who was so impressed by the efforts of Ben, volunteered to assist. Six years later Bob was baptized and became a most revered Elder of the church.

Today on that same location stands a commodious Senior Citizen Home known as Dixon House, where elderly people live happily in comfortable and congenial conditions.